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How long is an MOT certificate normally valid? (Answered)

How long is an MOT certificate normally valid

Your MOT certificate is one of the most crucial documents for you when you are driving, much as a home insurance policy is essential for protecting your property.

When you reside and drive in the UK, your MOT certificate is one of the most significant pieces of paper (digital or real). To lawfully operate a vehicle on public roads, you also need to have a current MOT certificate as well as car insurance and current vehicle taxes.

Now that you have your MOT certificate, what comes next? I understand you’re curious about the duration of its validity. Rest assured, this article provides the answer you seek. Simply continue reading to find out.

What is an MOT certificate?

It’s crucial to comprehend what a MOT certificate is and what it serves before delving into the technicalities around one.

Your car receives a MOT certificate after passing the test. The paper attests to the fact that your car passed the test by meeting all legal requirements for road safety and environmental protection. After the third year of operation, your vehicle needs a fresh MOT certificate every year.

Your MOT certificate will include any concerns, such as worn-out brake pads, that could possibly result in issues in the future, so you should be sure to keep an eye on these potential problem areas. Following your MOT, you will receive the MOT certificate on paper.

How long does an MOT last?

After you get your vehicle inspected for the first time, MOT certifications typically expire after 12 months (minus a day) and must be renewed each year. Though not always, this ought to coincide with the day you initially bought your car. Sometimes you MOT your car so early that your MOT date changes, or other events like having to retest after repairs cause your MOT date to move.

By checking online at GOV.UK, you can determine when your vehicle’s MOT expires. You can get additional information about previous MOT tests by reviewing your car’s MOT history, including:

  • Whether it succeeded or not
  • the mileage at the time of testing
  • The test’s date is
  • Any errors or little problems reported
  • Date of the upcoming MOT

If you’ve owned your current vehicle for that long—the internet database only goes back to 2005—congrats, and your earlier paper MOT certificates may be useful in the future. You can also check the MOT status solely if you don’t really need to know every little detail about the vehicle’s MOT history.

You only need the number plate (the vehicle’s registration number) to verify the MOT status or the MOT history.

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When do I need to MOT my new car?

The initial MOT test procedure is slightly different if your car is brand new. In our blog, we provide a summary of when a new car requires its first MOT.

What occurs if my MOT expires?

You can no longer lawfully operate a vehicle on public roads once your MOT certificate expires. Technically, the only location you could drive it would be to a MOT test that had been scheduled in advance.

Because you cannot renew your road tax if your MOT has expired, you may need to register your vehicle as “off-road,” sometimes known as a “SORN.” In that case, you’ll also need to pay your road tax when the vehicle passes its MOT.

Are there MOT extensions?

No, MOT extensions are not frequently granted. There are none in the UK as of the time of writing.  

Vehicles whose MOTs were due between March 30, 2020, and July 31, 2020, were given a 6-month delay by the government in 2020. Because some vehicle testing couldn’t be done easily in the previous year, the government additionally provided MOT temporary exemption certificates for specific vehicle types in 2020 and 2021.

whatever MOT centers will come to you and pick up your vehicle if for whatever reason you are unable to deliver your vehicle in person. If not, you might be able to find someone to take it for you, provided you can acquire their permission to drive your vehicle insured.

Do I need to take my old MOT certificates with me to my MOT test?

No, you don’t need to provide your previous actual MOT certificates. Of course, you’ll need to bring your vehicle, but the service center ought to be able to locate your previous MOT reports online.

However, don’t take that as a hint that you can throw away all of your old MOT certificates; if you decide to sell your car, having all of your physical MOT certificates may be helpful in showing prospective purchasers the upkeep and care you’ve given it.

How can I confirm my MOT certificate is authentic?

By looking up your MOT status or MOT history online, you can confirm the validity of your MOT certificate.

For you to examine the MOT certificate you were issued and contrast it with the official documentation, the government also provides example MOT certificates online, including accessible versions.

You should also verify that the service center you’re utilizing is an authorized MOT test center if you’re unsure whether your MOT certificate is authentic. If you can’t see the blue sign with the three white triangles displayed, it’s always worth asking. They should have one somewhere.

One of the procedures the government advises taking when purchasing a secondhand vehicle is to verify the information provided to you, including the MOT status and history. This ought to support the theory that the car wasn’t stolen. The logbook numbering not matching the car’s official serial numbering is typically evidence that the vehicle has been stolen.

What if I’ve lost my MOT certificate?

You can ask the government for a replacement MOT certificate for free if you’ve lost or damaged your original. You’ll need your license plate and log book number (11 digits) to complete it online.

You should be able to ask in person at any MOT center, not only the one that performed your initial MOT. However, be aware that the center may charge you, typically up to £10.

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