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Are you in the UK and considering buying or selling a car? Perhaps you just want to check your vehicle’s stats? Essential vehicle information, including performance stats, is 100% crucial for identifying reliable cars and making informed decisions. Our car stats check tool provides quick access to vehicle basic stats, engine power BHP, torque, dimensions, acceleration, engine specs, fuel consumption, and more. Enter the reg number into our tool and check car details instantly.

What is a Car Stats Check?

A Car stats check is a quick and efficient way to gather essential information about a vehicle’s performance. This check provides a comprehensive report on various aspects, ensuring that you have a complete understanding of the car’s capabilities and specifications. In just a few seconds and clicks, you can have a detailed report showing the vehicle’s performance stats and specifications and, the best part is, it doesn’t end there.

Car stats

Beyond the basics, a car stats check by reg number  with Smart Car Check really gives the full overview of a vehicle’s performance. It provides not only the horsepower and dimensions but also insights into the engine’s specifications, fuel efficiency, road tax implications, and more. This ensures that UK vehicle buyers have a complete understanding of what makes a particular vehicle stand out.

If you are buying a car, don’t make any payment without a vehicle check by reg number.

What car specs can be found in a car stat check report?

With our detailed tool, you can be sure to access easily and instantly, the following car information:

Brake Horsepower (bhp)

A measure of the engine's power output. One horsepower is equivalent to 0.7457 kilowatts. It indicates the ability of the engine to do work.

Engine Size (cc)

The total volume of all the cylinders in the engine, measured in cubic centimeters (cc) or liters (L). It indicates the capacity of the engine.


The rotational force produced by the engine, usually measured in Newton-meters (Nm) or pound-feet (lb-ft). Higher torque values indicate better low-end power and acceleration.

Top Speed (mph)

The maximum speed a vehicle can achieve under optimal conditions. This is often given in miles per hour (mph) or kilometers per hour (km/h).

Fuel Efficiency (Miles per Gallon - MPG or Liters per 100 Kilometers - L/100km)

The distance a vehicle can travel per unit of fuel consumed. Higher values indicate better fuel efficiency.

Car Dimensions

Common dimensions include length, width, height, wheelbase, and track width. These measurements provide a comprehensive understanding of the car's size, shape, and proportions.

Acceleration (0-60 mph or 0-100 kph)

The time it takes for a vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour (or 0 to 100 kilometers per hour). It measures the car's initial speed and acceleration capabilities.

CO2 Emissions

The amount of carbon dioxide emitted by the vehicle per distance traveled. It is measured in grams per kilometer (g/km) and is used to indicate a vehicle's environmental impact.

Electric Range (for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles)

The distance a vehicle can travel on electric power alone before relying on the internal combustion engine or recharging.

Curb Weight

The weight of the vehicle without any occupants or cargo but with all standard equipment and fluids. It is often expressed in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs).

Other car specs you can find with Smart Car Check include:

Year, make, model
Model variant
Fuel type
Vehicle Class
Engine Number
Transmission Code
Power delivery
Torque (FtLb, NM, Rpm)
Fuel delivery
Fuel system
Width, height, length
EURO status
Battery capacity
Battery voltage
Charging power/times

Need Detailed Car Check Report?

Apart from the car specifications and basic vehicle details, we provide full vehicle history information, including:

Ownership history

Discover previous keepers, plate, and color changes.

MOT and tax dues

Stay informed about upcoming MOT and tax due dates.

Alerts (e.g., Scrapped, Imported, Recalls)

View accurate alerts and critical events.

Mileage discrepancies

Guard against fraudulent practices with checks for clocking.

Write-off history

Gain insights into the car's past accidents or write-off incidents.

Vehicle registration

Confirm the vehicle's registration status, VIN, date of first registration, and more.

MOT History

Gain insights into the car's maintenance over time with a detailed overview of its MOT history.

Stolen check

Find out if a vehicle has been reported as stolen in the past with a car reg check.

Outstanding finance

Avoid financial trouble with outstanding finance information.

Auction records with images

Car buyers can verify car's auction records and view images if available.

With a detailed check with our tool, you can have a full overview of the history and specifications of any car in the UK, and make the best decisions only. In a few minutes, you can verify a vehicle’s reliability and find one that suits your preferences.

What does a report look like?

MAZDA sample

2009 MAZDA 2 TS

AUDI sample




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According to research, 1 in every 14 used cars have mileage discrepancies? More interesting is the fact that there are unresolved or outstanding safety issues in one-fifth of cars for sale in the market.

Why should you check car stats?

There are several reasons why you need to check the specifications and history of cars before making a used car purchase, and they are:

  • Performance Assurance: For potential buyers, a car performance stats check ensures that the vehicle’s advertised performance aligns with the actual capabilities. It verifies essential metrics such as Brake Horsepower (BHP), giving buyers confidence in their purchase.
  • Transparent Selling: Sellers benefit by showcasing the positive attributes of their vehicle through verified performance stats. This not only attracts genuine buyers but also establishes transparency in the transaction.
  • Accurate Fuel Efficiency: Understanding a car’s fuel efficiency is vital in managing running costs and making environmentally conscious choices. A car stats check provides accurate information on fuel economy, allowing both buyers and sellers to assess the vehicle’s efficiency in seconds.
  • Efficient Decision-Making: Everyone knows just how important it is to have information when it comes to car-buying and this is because it helps in finding the right vehicle and decision making. In a market flooded with options, having quick access to a car’s dimensions, engine specifications, fuel economy, and road tax details makes decision making a lot easier.
  • Negotiation Power: Armed with verified performance data, negotiations become more transparent and fair. Buyers can use the information to validate the asking price, while sellers can confidently present their vehicle’s strengths.

Don’t settle for a deal without having full information on the vehicle. Get a check as soon as possible.

How can I check my car stats?

Performing an instant car specs check is quick and straightforward with our tool. Follow these steps:

  • Locate the registration number from the license plate.
  • Enter the number into our vehicle checker.
  • Fill out the form and click on “Check Vehicle.”
  • Make the necessary payments.
  • Receive your detailed vehicle history report.
  • Review the report to assess the vehicle’s specifications and determine if it meets your requirements.

Now, you’re ready to make that purchase at the dealership. In just a few simple steps, our instant car specs check gives you valuable insights, helping you make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing or assessing a vehicle’s suitability for your needs.

Make the right decision with Smart Car Check today!

Frequently Asked Questions

The BHP, Brake Horsepower, is a  measure of the engine’s power output. One horsepower is equivalent to 0.7457 kilowatts and for a vehicle, the higher the BHP, the higher the vehicle’s ability to generate power. More power means better acceleration and speed. You can find your car’s BHP by entering the plate number into our tool.

Need to find your car’s engine size? All you need to do is enter the reg into the form above and you will find your car’s specs, including the engine size. The engine size is the total volume of all the cylinders in the engine, measured in cubic centimeters (cc) or liters (L). Check yours now!

Yes, you can check car specs and get vehicle data with the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN number) using this VIN check tool.

To check your car’s performance, you will need to visit an online database like ours. With the reg number, you can receive detailed information about the car’s performance stats, including BHP, dimensions, acceleration and speed, engine specifications, fuel economy, and if you have an EV then electric range aswell,

Our detailed and comprehensive check tool allows anyone to view the car’s dimensions including the width, length, height, curb weight, wheel base and more. Just enter the plate number into our tool and find your car’s dimensions.

With a car specification check, you can gain access to every vehicle spec by registration number. To get the make and model and other information about a car, enter your reg number into our accurate tool. You will immediately view specs information including the vehicle’s model.

Yes, you can check the specs of your car with the reg number. To check car specs by reg number, all you need to do is enter the reg number into the form on this page, and click on “check vehicle.” You will instantly get a detailed report and purchase the right car.

No, you cannot get a free car check with our tool. If you are buying a used car, free car spec checks are usually not as informative as you would need to make the right decisions. Check the car specs with our tool and make the right choices today.

Getting a full vehicle history check is easy. Input the vehicle’s registration number into our tool, fill out a simple form, and click on “Check Vehicle.” Make the necessary payments securely, and within moments, you’ll receive a comprehensive vehicle history report with all car details. This detailed document includes information about the car’s specifications, performance stats, ownership history, MOT history, and more. Get a specification check now!