Car VIN number check from UK registration number

Get peace of mind before buying a used car in the UK with our affordable VIN check service. Our vehicle history report provides important information, including stolen vehicle status, outstanding finance, and accident history, to help you make an informed decision. Don’t risk buying a dodgy car – run a VIN check today.

What is a VIN number or Chassis Number?

A VIN number also known as “chassis number” or vin code is a unique number which has 17-digits. It is a unique identifier number of the car. It is  stamped into the chassis – usually in the engine bay, or beneath the plastic trim surrounding the driver or passenger door opening. Using a vehicle’s VIN users can find the full vehicle history report and find if the vehicle was previously involved in any accident, has a mileage anomaly or any other issues.     

How to locate your Vehicle Identification Number?

To locate your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), follow these steps:

  • Check the dashboard near the windshield.
  • Inspect the driver’s side door frame.
  • Examine the engine compartment.
  • Review vehicle documents, including the V5C logbook.

If still you cannot locate your VIN number contact the car dealership or any online source for assistance like Smart Car Check.

Why is running a VIN Check in the UK Important?

Running a VIN check is important because it provides essential information about vehicle history, such as whether it has been stolen, written off, or has outstanding finance. With the prevalence of car scams and issues with mileage tampering, a vehicle history check helps potential buyers avoid fraudulent sellers and make informed decisions during a vehicle purchase. Our service in the UK covers all vehicles including cars, trucks and motorcycle Easily run a vehicle check via VIN today.

How to Find Registration Number from VIN?

You must provide the vehicle’s registration number to register and tax it. However, in the event of a missing registration number, it may be possible to retrieve it using the 17-digit VIN code. 

  1. First locate your car’s VIN number or chassis number
  2. Once you know the VIN you can check the VIN in our search tool. Enter VIN number in form above and click search
  3. The search will redirect you to a free car check page where you can view information on your car 
  4. Once you pay for the report, you will be able to obtain the registration number using the VIN number in the report.

You can find the registration from vin number for every vehicle including cars, trucks and motorbike.

History check

Why is running a VIN Check in the UK Important?

In the UK, you cannot directly obtain a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) from a vehicle’s registration number. The VIN and registration number are separate identifiers used for different purposes, and the VIN is not typically publicly accessible information. According to DVLA data disclosure laws it is not allowed to share the full VIN. However our premium vehicle check service provides first five digits of the VIN in the report

However, there are a few scenarios in which you might be able to obtain a VIN using a registration number:

  1. Contact the Vehicle Owner: If you have a legitimate reason to access the VIN and you know the owner of the vehicle, you can ask them for the VIN. They may provide it to you voluntarily.
  2. Check Vehicle Documents or V5c log book: If you have access to the vehicle’s documents, such as the V5C logbook or a purchase receipt, the VIN may be listed there. However, this information may not always be available, especially if you’re not the owner.
  3. Contact Law Enforcement or the DVLA: In certain situations, law enforcement agencies or the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) may have access to the VIN associated with a registration number. However, they typically only release this information for legitimate and legal purposes, such as during investigations or for vehicle ownership verification.

It’s important to note that accessing someone else’s VIN without a legitimate reason or proper authorization may be a breach of privacy and potentially illegal. Always ensure that you have a valid and legal reason for requesting such information and consider seeking professional advice if needed. 

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What Information Can be Found in the Vehicle History by Smart Car Check?

The VIN check or chassis number check provides important information about the vehicle, including its history of accidents, mileage, and outstanding finance. This information can help you make an informed decision when purchasing a used car and avoid any potential issues. Smart car check also offers other vehicle information services, such as MOT history, car owner check, and vehicle specifications, to provide a comprehensive report on the vehicle’s history and condition.

Here’s a list of information that can be found on vehicle history by performing a VIN check in the UK:

  • Stolen vehicle status
  • Written off status
  • Outstanding finance
  • Mileage history and accuracy
  • Accident history
  • Previous damage or repairs
  • Previous owners and how long they owned the car
  • MOT history and results
  • Vehicle specifications and features, including engine size, fuel type, and transmission
  • CO2 emissions data
  • Vehicle tax and SORN status
  • Imported or exported status

This information can help potential buyers make informed decisions when purchasing a used car and can protect sellers from unintentionally selling a vehicle with hidden issues. It is recommended to perform a VIN check before purchasing or selling a vehicle in the UK.

Check Smart Car Check Sample Report


2009 MAZDA 2 TS


Style / Bodywork: Hatchback

Engine: 1349 cc

Origin: Japan




Style / Bodywork: Saloon

Engine: 1968 cc

Origin: Germany




Style / Bodywork: Car Derived

Engine: 1.8L I4 EFI

Country of Assembly: Canada

Frequently Asked Questions?

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of a car is sometimes referred to as its chassis number because it is permanently affixed to the car’s chassis, making it a identifier for that particular vehicle. Unlike the chassis, car engines are not permanently attached and can be replaced, just like other components.

Due to the engine’s significance, all vehicles are assigned a unique engine number in addition to the chassis number. The engine number serves to specify the engine’s size and power output. This separate engine number allows for engine replacement without necessitating the scrapping of the entire vehicle. In such cases, the car is simply given a new engine number while retaining its existing chassis number.

First, initiate our vehicle check to obtain the last five digits of the VIN. Next, inspect all the specified locations on the vehicle and record the VIN found at each spot. Compare all the VINs to identify any inconsistencies. Any variations indicate potential VIN cloning. Cross-reference the VIN you found on the vehicle with the identification number in our VIN check report. Any disparity in this comparison signifies that the VIN may be counterfeit, indicating possible issues like theft, cloning, scrapping, mileage fraud, and more. 

Yes, you can get a basic VIN check for free through government agencies, some manufacturer websites, insurance companies, and online databases. However, for a full vehicle history report with accurate details including all past records of a vehicle, you may need to use a a paid service like Smart Car Check. 

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