Check Car Details by Reg Plate in the UK

Are you eager to access the MOT history, ownership history, and stolen records of a car? Smart Car Check presents a simple and efficient solution with our reg number check tool.
Quickly check car details by reg plate to access vital information about any vehicle, ensuring you stay informed and make confident decisions. Get a full car history check today!

What is a Reg Number Plate Check?

A reg number check is an instant and effective method to get essential information about a vehicle using its registration plate. This check offers insights into the car’s road tax, MOT expiry date, and history, registration details, number of owners, stolen check, outstanding finance, mileage issues, written-off checks, spec details, and more. It’s a valuable resource for anyone looking to gather crucial car details by reg plate before making decisions related to buying, selling, or maintaining a vehicle.

With our detailed check tool, you can easily access 30+ checks on any vehicle in the UK using the registration plate and we even offer VIN support!

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Data Points with 100% Accuracy
We provide comprehensive information from vehicle specifications, to history records, MOT records, car stats checks, and more with extreme accuracy.

Comprehensive Vehicle History Reports

Get stolen records, ownership history, auction records, registration information, MOT and tax dues, outstanding finance, and mileage records in seconds!
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Instantly gain full access to  DVLA car registration data with access to over 40 million vehicle records and make the right decisions.

What Information Can You Get With a Basic Vehicle Check?

With our basic check tool you can find some vehicle specifications for free, as well as some more information including the following: 


Access detailed information about the car's specifications, including manufacturing year, make, model, color, fuel type, and more.

Engine details

The engine number, size and specifications, transmission, and gears.

Power delivery and performance

Learn about power delivery mechanisms with HPI checks, view the BHP, torque, max speed, and more.

Weight and dimensions

Get details about the car's door plan, gross vehicle weight, kerb weight, and dimensions, providing insights into accessibility and physical attributes.

MOT and tax dues

Stay informed about upcoming MOT and tax expiry dates, ensuring legal compliance and roadworthiness.

Mileage discrepancies

Check for inconsistencies in reported mileage, safeguarding against fraudulent practices like clocking.

V5C registration details

Confirm the accuracy of registration information, including the car's origin, color, and any changes in registration.

MOT history

Check the car's maintenance record through past MOT tests.

Fuel consumption

Check the car’s fuel economy of any car and verify the combined, extra-urban, and urban cold ratings in mpg.

Get started with our basic report packages today!

What Information Can You Get With a Premium Vehicle Check?

Our comprehensive vehicle registration check gives full access to every vehicle data available with a basic check with insights on auction records, logbook checks, number of previous keepers, and others. You can find the following information in a premium car check report:

Outstanding finance check

Check for any existing car finance records and obligations tied to the vehicle. This ensures that your car doesn’t stand a chance to be repossessed in the future.

Condition/Insurance Written Off

The report tells if a vehicle has been damaged from an accident and considered a total loss by insurance companies or the DVLA and the category of the write-off. Check if a car has Cat A, B, C/S, D/N, or F write-offs.

Auction records with images

View the vehicle's auction records with images, if available, offering comprehensive insights into its history, condition, and potential wear and tear.

High risk checks

A vehicle can be considered high-risk when a third party has an interest in the vehicle and is tracking its movement to make sure that it doesn’t get sold without a good title. Verify if your car is high risk or not with a check by using this service.

Stolen records

Verify if the vehicle has been reported as stolen or not. Discovering any stolen records is crucial for ensuring the legal and rightful ownership of the car. It helps you avoid potential legal issues and ensures that you are dealing with a legitimate and lawfully owned vehicle.

Vehicle log book details

Find out details regarding the issuance and documentation associated with a vehicle's V5C certificate, including the number of certificate changes and dates of certification change.

Number of previous keepers

Discover the number of previous owners, duration of ownership, date of transactions, and date of last keeper change.

Number of plate changes

Determine how many times the plate was changed over time.

Certificate of destruction issued

This certificate is typically issued when a car has been deemed irreparable or unsafe for road use.

SMMT details

Check out the vehicle details based on The SMMT classification. This check ensures that you have accurate information about the car's original specifications, including the range, model code, series, drive type, and more, as intended by the manufacturer.


A scrapped status indicates that the car has been declared unfit for use and is no longer legally allowed on the road. Verify this information to ensure a car is fit for driving or not.

Imported/Imported Non EU

This check reveals whether the vehicle has been imported and, if so, whether it originated from a country within or outside the European Union.

Color changes

This section includes all records about the color changes of the car.

Buying or selling a car? By utilizing our comprehensive reg check service, you gain a thorough understanding of a vehicle’s background, and this gives you an edge if you’re buying a car in the UK. Make the most of your purchase or sale with Smart Car Check!

Why Should You Check Car Details by Reg Plate?

Smart Car Check stands out for the following reasons:


Legal Compliance

Verifying the details associated with a car’s registration plate ensures legal compliance. Accurate information about the vehicle’s registration, ownership, and compliance with environmental standards contributes to a trouble-free and legal ownership experience.

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Vehicle History Checks

A reg plate check provides access to the car’s history, including any significant events like being stolen, scrapped, written off, or issued a certificate of destruction. This comprehensive history check gives buyers and sellers valuable insights into the vehicle’s past.

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Performance and Safety Checks

Checking car details by reg plate allows you to assess crucial aspects such as safety ratings, engine size, performance details, and emissions. This information is vital for ensuring that the car meets your safety standards and performs as expected.

Why choose Smart Car Check?

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At Smart Car Check, we pride ourselves on providing a user-friendly and reliable platform for checking car details by reg plate. Our tool offers a smooth experience, delivering accurate and detailed reports that leaves users with essential information. Join the countless satisfied users who have made informed decisions with Smart Car Check.

Vehicle History Report

How to Find Car Details by Reg Plate


To get car details by reg plate, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Locate the registration number from the license plate or V5C.
  • Enter the number into our vehicle checker.
  • Fill out the form and click on “Check Vehicle.”
  • Make the necessary payments.
  • Receive your detailed vehicle history report.
  • Review the report to assess the car’s details.

Receive a comprehensive report with all the crucial information you need to know about the car.

Frequently Asked Questions

To check vehicle details with the vehicle registration number, all you need to do is enter the reg number into our vehicle enquiry form above. After making the necessary payment, you will receive the car specs, along with stolen check reports, written off checks, and a detailed car report.

You can view the MOT and tax due dates with our check service. To get a car tax check, simply enter the plate number into the form on this page. You will immediately be given a full report showing the due dates. If your tax is due, use the GOV.UK vehicle tax service to pay your road tax online.

No, you cannot get a free vehicle check with our tool. If you need information for free, you can get the reg number decoded for free with our tool, or use the services provided by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to access basic vehicle info. Note that you may not find detailed records with the car reg number using the tool.

Yes, with our car reg check tool, you can obtain detailed information about the vehicle’s registered keepers. The report includes the number of previous keepers, any changes in plate or color, and the duration of each ownership. Use the tool on this page and make the right choices.

To check details for a car using our reg plate check tool, you only need the vehicle’s registration plate number. Enter the reg plate into our user-friendly tool, fill out the required form, and click “Check Vehicle” to receive a comprehensive report containing crucial details and car specifications.

Our car details by reg plate check includes information about the vehicle’s write-off history, which indicates if the car has been involved in any accidents leading to write-offs.

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